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About Cartoola

Easy Shopping Guide

Cartoola is one of a kind apps in Malaysia that serves as a mall directory. We have all the functioning malls in our database as well as their respective list of up to date outlets and their promotions as well as the events taking place in each mall. With the current growth of population and the high traffic of movements around in Malaysia, this app helps to plan your outing well. Proper planning allows you to save time, energy, and cost.


According to the Malaysian Shopping Malls Association (PPK Malaysia), now we have around 671 malls nationwide to be enjoyed. Some malls have their very own website showcasing all the latest promotions, special deals, and events. But the main reason here is that it’s scattered all around the states. No one has the time to check out all the web pages and find what they need as it’s time-consuming.


Cartoola uniquely abets the shoppers as it’s a pool of collective data comprising 316 malls in Malaysia and expanding. By accessing and searching for the designated mall, you’ll get all the details needed about the promotions and events going on. Everything is just at your fingertips.


In this fast-paced movement of humans and technology era, everyone is on to in their mobile phones as it has become a necessity for everyone from professionals to a small child. The usage of the internet completes a person's needs and wants as it has all the up to date information required. Cartoola will be the tool that helps to make your life easier, as we called it, "Easy Shopping Guide".